1937 and You

In 1937, Franklin Roosevelt embarked on the first year of his second presidential term. Throughout the year, he had probably four key points in his mind. These points guided and fueled his approach to the presidency in 1937. They were:

1. Focus on overcoming those very specific entities that were most hostile to his domestic policies.

2. Seek to win victories in the upcoming off-year election, still more than a year away, that would help him move forward with his conception of the unfinished work of his domestic agenda.

3. Point the way to a new form of economic activity, behavior, and practice that was distinctly different from an old way that supposedly caused the current economic decline.

4. Warn against a rising international threat but emphasize the need for a multilateral response that would successfully deal with the threat.

That was the attitudinal and strategic mindset of Franklin Roosevelt in 1937.

I am forging a connection, not a hurling a criticism.