You And Your Followers: The Bond

I’m revising my module on Abraham Lincoln and the One-Armed Man for a client presentation tomorrow. It led me to this question for you–when do you think you have connected at the most core, basic, and fundamental level with your followers? Has that ever happened for you? If so, what accounts for it? If not, what do you think is necessary for it to occur?

Lincoln made this connection with the One-Armed Man on November 19, 1863. It happened during the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln likely heard the One-Armed Man’s shout at a particular point in the three-minute speech. For a brief moment, two total strangers were connected, leader and follower. 

You can’t have this sort of connection all the time. It’s too wrenching, too consuming. But there are times when it can happen. It all depends on you and on them.