What exactly have you done in this area of your service? Below are some very specific things . . .

  • Draw from an organization’s history to develop training and education materials for internal leadership development, succession planning, and organizational values
  • Identify stories that can be used to market the organization to potential employees, allies, supporters, and benefactors
  • Design “markers” that can be placed in physical spaces of an organization to illustrate key values, people, and events
  • Construct annual ceremonies that mark important moments in an organization and strengthen the quality of work life for employees
  • Develop processes for tracking the history on an ongoing basis
  • Use Your Organizational History To Improve Your Day-to-Day Operations

So, it looks like I can improve actual day-to-day conditions at my organization if I use its history creatively. Is that right?

Exactly right. You can use your organization’s history to improve employee development, external visibility in the marketplace, and strategic decisions. You might call it the improvement of “organizational vitality.”

How might I engage Historical Solutions LLC to do this for my organization?

Contact me and we’ll sit down and talk. I would want to start by knowing exactly what your needs are, the condition of history within your organization, and how you hope a creative use of history can help you. My first step would likely be to do an Archival Assessment. Call me and I’ll explain.