Your Favorite Historical Movie

Here’s the definition of what you should consider. Your favorite historical movie was about a specific person, event, or era in history. That was its main theme or emphasis. I’m explaining it this way because, if you know me at all, you know that I define history as starting with the beginning of you reading this sentence. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little more clarity.

Having said that, take it away! Just send me an email to add your movie and a few thoughts as to why it makes your list of favorites. dan@historicalsolutions.com (be sure to scroll down below)

Kelly: Gone With The Wind. “It’s an unforgettable story with outstanding character development. You get a window on a region, at least as it’s in Mitchell’s book and the movie.”


Rebecca: 1776. “However, of ALL historical pieces I’ve seen, I honestly think I learned the most as an 18 year old girl sitting in the auditorium at U of I and seeing that musical for the first time. I learned more in that three hours than I think I had in all my years of U.S. History or Government in high school. It really opened my eyes to how it all came down and I love it to this day. I wish it were mandatory for every senior in high school.”


Karen: Glory. “The acting and characters were fabulous. So many of the scenes stayed with me for a long time. Even now. You saw that it was about more than race, about something deeper inside of all of us.”


Judith: Invictus. “Great story of newly elected President Nelson Mandela and when he began to become president of all South Africa with a little help from the SA national rugby team. All about reconciliation.”


Maria: Forrest Gump. “It was totally entertaining and yet had elements of history woven into the story throughout the movie.”


Mike: Chariots of Fire. “The storyline is great along with the cinematograpy.”


Dave: Sergeant York. “The original, with Gary Cooper. America is filled with simple, good people, who, when called to duty, accomplish amazing things.”


Lisa: The Sound of Music. “Seeing what happened to the family in an difficult situation, how they made it through, is very inspirational.”


Steve: Raiders of the Lost Ark. “Yes, you heard it. This is my favorite for a few reasons: It is a great action movie that makes the pursuit of archeaology exciting; It places the Bible and Ark at the center of history…Remember the line in the movie (referring to the Ark of the Covenant) commenting about how all of Dr. Jones’ other pursuits were just going after “artifacts” of history, but that the Ark IS history!; It puts God at the center of directing history and the movie depicted a real struggle of good vs evil. Also, awesome to see the special effects of the power of the Ark against the Nazis! Don’t mess with God! It was really a movie that highlighted two periods in history: the ancient Israelites in battle and the WWII era. Interesting.”


Rick: Since You Went Away. “About 4 years ago I saw it on Turner Classic Movie channel. I liked it so much I found a copy on the internet and sent for it. It has Claudette Colbert as the main role and has Shirley Temple in a bit part. It was made in the last few years of WW 2 and conveys the patriotism, hopes, mixed with heavy anxiety of the people back in the small city USA. I suppose it was not much of a distraction when it was made as it was about what everyone was experiencing anyway. But I liked it because I was able to see what my grandparents had to experience as my father and uncles were away to war. In this film not everyone was working toward the common goal. There are folks sacrificing, and then there are those profiting from the black market. Obviously some young men were going off to serve, some are lost. Lots of various plots intermingle…. it is a sad but tender film.”


Haley: National Treasure. “I like that you can watch a good mystery while learning interesting facts about the past.”


Tammie: “The Ten Commandments. Spectacular and beautiful production. I loved Charleton Heston’s facial expressions and acting. The actress who played Neferiti was beautiful and interesting in her portrayal.”


Meri: “Schindler’s List. An amazing story of hope in a time of horrible misery.”


Kat: “Last of the Mohicans. Stunningly beautiful film with great intensity. The screenplay is excellent as it uses such literary devices as metaphors and foreshadowing.”


Todd: “Glory. Already a moving story, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman deliver their best performances. My reason for loving this movie are the following scenes – 1) Morgan Freeman’s character gives his definition of the N word 2) Denzel’s character takes his whip punishment, very tough to watch, but moving 3)Campire scene the night before the battle. Oh my lord, lord, lord, lord, mmmmhmmm.”


Carly: “The Grapes of Wrath. The character of Ma Joad was powerful. She manages in the hardest of times to hold her family together by being a strong leader and provider–she meets the many obstacles head-on with courage, strenth, and grace.”



Kevin: “Braveheart. I love the music, time period, battle scenes, the struggle between nobility and peasants, and of course the scenery. I visited Scotland and some of the filming locations in Ireland and it was a thrill.”


Wendy: “Gone With The Wind. I loved Gone with the Wind because as a young girl I read the long book cover to cover, hardly stopping to breathe! I could not wait to see the movie after devouring the book. Probably more about the romance than the history!”