You Should Meet This Person

History is not full of people you remember. It’s full of people who we’ve long since forgotten or maybe never even knew in the first place. These are the ones to whom I’d like to introduce you. They were leaders, they were important, they left their mark, and now you’ll know a little more about them. One man and one woman at a time.

I’ll add a new person here by the first of every month.

It’s my honor and privilege to introduce you to…

depuy William DePuy

Born in 1919 and passing away in 1992, William DePuy joined the US Army in 1941 and retired in 1977. Mark the ends of this span–that’s from American entry into World War II until just shortly after American withdrawal from the Vietnam War. In other words, he saw the American military in a shambles, in a superior condition, and then in a shambles again. DePuy’s unbelievable achiement was to conceptualize how the US Army could regain its former glory after Vietnam. He did so through the formulation of a new approach, method, and style of war-fighting–AirLand Battle. DePuy crystallized a new way of war and labored fervently to spread his concept throughout a shocked and stunned organization, the US Army after Vietnam. And it worked. It was transformation of a remarkable kind.

For you, consider this from Depuy:

  • Your best idea about transformation might be a combination of your most positive historical experience and a powerful application of new technologies
  • Transformation often needs and depends on an idea, a thought built up to tangible proportions
  • You must have allies and champions, the people who will take your ideas and carry them forward both with you and without you

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