Why is US Air Flight 1549 one of my most popular?

I’ll offer a thought on this question and then you can see my bio below.

A big reason is that it’s fresh in time. Six years ago isn’t that long a time lapse. Not when you’re dealing with other case studies that go back decades, generations, or centuries. 2009 is barely yesterday.

In fact, some people are surprised that I have this module in my offerings. Don’t be surprised. It reflects my approach to history—the past began the second you started reading this page on my website. The start of spring 2015 is now the past.

Another reason why this module is so popular is that people assume Sullenberger is a rarity in our times—a hero. We don’t have many public-figure heroes anymore.

They’re out of style. Sullenberger seems to break that mold.

You certainly see heroic qualities in Sullenberger in this module. However, and I think this actually adds an important dimension to his life, Sullenberger also shows some very real, understandable, and non-heroic traits as well. That keeps him human, that keeps him reachable to you and I. So, I’ve found that people are even more drawn to Sullenberger as they experience my module.

Anyway, now that you know a little more about my view of this module, I invite you to glance below for more information about who I am.

“Dan Miller devotes his life to using history to improve the leadership of his clients. In 2004, he founded his own company, Historical Solutions LLC, to pursue this passion. His clients are CEOs, executives, community leaders, board members, directors, managers, and supervisors. Dan applies history to both inspire and inform leaders and leadership.

Dan worked for ten years as a managing partner of an economic and workforce development consulting firm in Indianapolis. Dan has a bachelor of arts degree in history from Anderson University and both a master of arts and doctoral degrees in history from Indiana University. Just as importantly, ever since childhood, Dan has loved history.

Dan has written four books (two of which are available to purchase on this site) and is completing a book on a lost leadership story of Abraham Lincoln. He has also authored entries for the Dictionary of Literary Biography, the Encyclopedia of Americans at War, and the Encyclopedia of the American Revolution.