I Rise In Defense Of Sagacious

So, they're changing the SAT. Fine. But I'm a bit chagrined at learning they're switching out words in the vocabulary aspect of the test.

“Sagacious” is gone. A new word will be “synthesis.”

Now, I realize the folks in charge don't look at each individual word they eliminate and put one in its exact place. I get it.

However, something feels a little too trendy here when we yank out the word relating to wisdom, sound judgment, and such–something that requires subjective context, the weighing of this, the weighing of that, and the final decision on what's best–and usher in a word that is frankly nothing more than a blend, a stew, a hash, and a mess.

I'm a fuddy-duddy, yes. But I always push back when we make it all the easier to push aside the ability to determine wisely.

The defense of sagacious rests.