The Creative Conversation


The Focal Point…

There most certainly is a River that is you and your life. Like a river, you’ve had fast water where things moved very quickly, deep water where you couldn’t see the bottom, shallow water that required you to pull and drag every step of the way. And twists, turns, forks, obstructions, and a thousand other things, too, all like a river. (See The River section of my website for more on my construct)

I’d like us to place Your River alongside another River, that of someone from history who, because of personality, abilities, circumstances, or something else, had a life and a River that fits well with your own. (scroll below to see actual client reactions to their experience with Creative Conversations)
What You’ll Gain…

From this match of Your River to a Historical River you and I will quickly discover keen insights into:

  • Connections between your leadership and your purpose
  • The sources of power and momentum that drive your direction
  • Ways in which your private and public lives interact and intersect
  • Greater clarity as to the kinds of situations you’ll be facing and your most effective methods for dealing with them
  • Stronger grasp of the overall arc that ties your past, present, and future together
  • A clearer sense and mastery of a specific topic in your life and leadership

The Details…

  • Our first session will be entirely centered on you. You’ll lay out your River. From that session, I’ll make a recommendation as to which historical person will best fit you.
  • Then, we’ll meet at least 2 more times over the span of 3-6 weeks (and beyond, if you choose; I’ve had as many as 7 sessions with a client). Each meeting is 60 minutes, with roughly the first half consisting of laying out the Historical River in a manner completely personalized to you. The second half will be devoted to examining 3 Paddles (takeaways) customized for you. There is interaction throughout the session.
  • Following each session, I’ll send you a copy of the presentation along with your individual Guide Book. The Guide Book is 3-6 pages long and includes for each Paddle a summation of your comments in the session, my additional reflections after a few days have passed since the session, and a specific action for you to consider doing as a next step in your growth and development as a leader. Once all of our sessions have been completed, I’ll provide you with a Summary Memo that spans our time together.
  • My charge is only for the sessions, not for anything else like my pre-session research or my post-session writing. My hourly charge for the session is $250. I’ll prorate if we exceed the one-hour time by 30 or more minutes.

Contact me at dan@historicalsolutions.com or 317-407-3687 to discuss your Creative Conversation


Client Reactions

A CEO: “The Creative Conversations that I had with Dan were some of the most enlightening and thought provoking conversations I have had. The mere thought that issues of leadership with which I wrestle today are not unique and the solutions that were employed then might give me some insight into the applicability today was life changing. In my younger days I regret not paying more attention to the lessons of history. I believe I would be a more effective leader earlier if I had a better grasp on the successes and failures of our historical leaders. I have much to learn.”

An Assistant Vice-President: “Creative Conversations was truly an eye-opening exercise! Dan was able to match up my leadership style pretty closely with an important historical figure (Theodore Roosevelt). Even though I will never perform on the same stage as TR, I was able to learn so much from paddling down his river. Thanks Dan!”

A CEO: “I’ve worked with Dan on 2 separate occasions, 2 separate engagements in Creative Conversations. That’s all you need to know–I’m a returning client because this experience has always been valuable in my leadership role. I’ve gained a new skill every time.”

A CEO: “Creative Conversations with Dr. Miller were an invaluable experience for me both professionally and personally. I highly recommend using Dan as a “guide” along your own personal river…a rich and challenging experience you won’t forget!”