A Forward-Looking Lens: Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama, And The Suggestions Of A Second Term

This Leadership Now Workshop is for leaders who spend a great deal of time looking ahead toward the next 2-3 years. I believe the second presidential administration of Franklin Roosevelt holds important clues as to the likely direction of the second presidential administration of Barack Obama. As a leader who plans, visions, and thinks ahead, you need to know these clues.

The session will be from 10am to 1pm and will be highly interactive. I will facilitate both the presentation and the intense dialogue. Participants will gain insights into key trends and markers that could lay ahead in the upcoming presidential term of Barack Obama. Given Obama’s personal identification with the major progressive presidential administrations of the 20th century, we will find valuable lessons for what to expect by looking at arguably the most significant progressive American president in the last 100 years, Franklin Roosevelt.

The last American president to win re-election with a national unemployment comparable to that in 2012 was Roosevelt. In addition, Roosevelt’s era, like Obama’s, featured economic uncertainty, political volatility, pervasive domestic changes, and revolutionary international challenges. The 2nd New Deal of Roosevelt’s offers a compelling direction as Obama implements his Forward campaign of 2012. Many of the national factors that affected Americans in the late 1930s and early 1940s will reappear in the next four years.

You can sharpen your perspective as a leader with the lens of history. You can see the future more clearly with a unique and creative application of the past. And not to be overlooked, you’ll experience a leadership development engagement that is fun, stimulating, and challenging. This type of historically-based experience is exactly why I was created.

The cost is $250 per person and includes the 3-hour session, lunch, and a private, confidential, face-to-face follow-up during February. Call me at 317-407-3687 to register.

All the best, Dan Miller