Strategic Research

There are all types of significant events unfolding all around you and your organization. Some are internal, others are external. I’ve found that clients often realize that having a particular issue or event researched and written into a “history” can offer significant gains.

Here are those gains:

  • Clear sense of how decisions were made, enabling internal leaders to understand how to build on successes and avoid failures in the future
  • ‘Gaps in leadership development training as well as specific skills which would have filled those gaps (i.e. topics for future training)
  • Exercises in understanding the extent to which employees actually perform according to stated values and strategies

The best way for me to illustrate how this might apply to you and your organization is to give two examples of this service to existing clients:

  • Researched how Methodist Hospital responded to the 1918 influenza pandemic and the 1976 swine flu controversy, crystallizing how leadership will affect future performance in public health emergencies
  • Researched the event behind a tragedy and how internal leaders responded, including how they did or did not use the tragedy in the unfolding history of their organization (confidentiality prevents further description)

One of the most powerful aspects of this service is that it can be customized to fit exactly around a situation or event of your choice. You use it for your purposes. Once again, I point to the power of history.