The Signs Of Speed On The River

What for you signals most powerfully the passage of time? It is watching your children grow up? Watching your grandchildren? Meeting classmates at a school reunion? Seeing extended family after a lot of years? Visiting a place from long-ago, such as your childhood home? Looking at old photos? Visiting the burial site of a loved one? The list goes on and on.

What is it for you?

Regardless of your choice, there’s something about it that marks clearly in your mind a fixed point of time in the past and the rapid movement from then to now. All of the time seems to race by without even knowing it. Blurred. Blink of an eye. Hardly noticed.

Also, I think, it’s the fact that a lot of events, a lot of experiences, a lot of life, and yes, a lot of water, rushed by in that span of time. So it’s not just the reality of time but the content of reality itself. The two go together–time and experiences–to make everything flicker past in an instant. They are the stuff of movement on The River.