An Example of Focus and Niche

Someone sent me an email about a request for proposal (RFP) that he thought would interest me. It was a kind gesture. I glanced at the rfp and decided not to pursue it. End of story. But not really.

It now strikes me that this could be useful to you. Here’s why. The rfp was for an organization seeking historical research. They wanted to contract with a vendor to provide this service. For a brief second, I thought that’s right down my alley. Then, I realized it’s not at all that way.

You see, my niche and focus is on using history to improve personal and organizational leadership. The history is one-half of the total equation. The other half, as you can see, is the use of history to become a better leader. I could have made a mistake and been distracted by my own misunderstanding of my own focus and niche. This, then, is the lesson for you. Always take the extra step and make the extra time to be certain–to be convicted–that you are following your true focus and niche. Something may seem like it on the surface when, in reality, it ever so subtly requires you to inch away from your central purpose.