A Natural Impulse

Leadership has natural impulses. That's something akin to an immutable law of physics--which used to be termed natural law--a physical reality not subject to alteration other than by an agent of equal immutability. Got it? Enough of that, let's move on to my point--I read something that struck me as a natural impulse of leadership. I'm on the final section of a book about Ronald Reagan and … [Read more...]

Success, Paterno, and Leadership

Success, Paterno, and LeadershipWe’ve all seen the horrors of the recent Penn State football scandal. I’d like to add a comment on leadership as it pertains to success. It’s a feature of the Penn State story and all too often a feature of success in coaching and other fields.It seems every successful coach—and I’m talking major success here, multiple championships, scads of victories, year after … [Read more...]