TTP: Measuring From The Past–Four Stories And The Trump Presidency

With history, you gain perspective. You gain a sense of what’s truly near you, what’s far away, and how one thing flows from another. That’s why, in my talk entitled “Measuring From The American Past—Four Stories And The Trump Presidency”, I share a set of brief insights from American history to help us know how to fit the Presidency of Donald Trump into 2020 and beyond. These stories speak to circumstance, leadership, events, and outcomes. Our time together will be an exercise in creativity, reflection, and thoughtfulness.


  1. Eileen Hightower says

    With the exception of Ronald Reagan, President Trump, in my estimation, will go down as one of the greatest presidents since George Washington.

    He is an avid reader and just as Winston Churchill, he realizes one must look back in order to know where one is going. Those who cannot see that he truly understands American History are not paying attention.

    President Trump wants what is right for all men and women in America. His head isn’t turned, nor is he bought off by others in exchange for notoriety. I cannot think of a better president than he is. He truly is the people’s president.

    President Trump is his own man. He loves America and her people. He loves the military and has done his level best, amidst all of the crazies in the House. The craziness of the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh. I know of know one more fitted to the job of the presidency than the president. He looks out for America first and our interests. He is never looking for a photo op, nor ever looking to be on the cover of (name whatever magazine you desire).

    I don’t have a college education, but I do love reading. I love our country and her people. Every one of my ancestors have fought in all of the wars. From the American Revolution, to the Civil War, and subsequent wars after them. I was extremely disappointed in most all of the presidents I voted for except for Ronald Reagan.

    All the people out here in fly over country don’t care about legacies of presidents nor do they care about politicians who will say whatever they think the people want to hear. President Trump has surpassed all of the recent presidents, for he cares about the people. I’m appalled at the moment by the Socialist Dems and their trying their best to take over America. They might as well admit what they are up to and we Americans out here who do the living and dying and working and paying taxes know full well what they are up to. President Trump may not be perfect, but he is by far and away better than what we might have been if the lying Hillary Clinton had ascended the presidency. She is the deplorable, not the American people.

    I’m almost certain this is probably not what you wanted in the response to these four stories, but as one who pays taxes, we could not have asked for a better president nor a First Lady who has been treated badly, both of them and their family. God bless and keep them in His loving care and God bless America. I pray the president is re-elected, for I shudder to see what is coming down the road if another is their in that honorable seat of the presidency.

  2. Dave Sicklesteel says

    I agree completely. I don’t have time to list all of Trumps’s accomplishments in his first term in spite
    of an attempt to impeach him from day one. Best economy, lowest unemployment, stopping China from taking us over, stopping Illegal immigration, stopping iran romnuclear weapons, new trade with Mexico an Canada, genus Comey opened an investigation of her again 2 weeks before the election only to close it again. It looked like there is something there . Which there is. Follow the money for the Clinton Foundation and you have a classic quid pro quo repeatedly. Read something. Democrats? Come on. A bunch of sheep, world ending in 12 years, free college, free health, no rise in taxes while health care alone is more than the entire tax revenue of the US, Joe Biden who on film created the most blatant quid pro quo about firing the Ukranian prosecutor for going after Barisma the 3 most corrupt company in Ukraine and whom his son is working for by withholding a billion dollars in US aid. Prosecutor fired 6 hours later.. Pathetic.. Impeachment. I would call Biden first, maybe he has amnesia like Comey, Brennan, Clapper and McCabe. I predict the landslide of all times for Trump.
    Who are Democrats going to vote for? Steyer , billionaire who made his money in coal? Bloomberg billionaire old
    another old white guy? Aren’t old white guys the problem I have not heard one Democrat on TV say that some are bad and some are good just like any gender or race. Bernie the Socialist, that works. Another old white guy.

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