The Great Depression of the 1930s: An Overlooked Landscape Of Leadership

My work in preparing for my 3rd Leadership Now Seminar (August 29th, 10a-1p) has produced a revelation for me. The Great Depression is a vastly overlooked, under-utilized source of leadership for Americans in the early 21st century. So much so, in fact, that I think it's a travesty. Search for books on current leadership, management, and business strategy. You'll encounter hundreds that draw … [Read more...]

Putting Together A New Session For Small Groups: Leadership and the Economic FallbackPutting Together A New Session For Small Groups: Leadership and the Economic Fallback

I'm designing a new session for my "Leadership Now Seminars." You may recall that these are done for small groups comprised of individuals from various backgrounds and organizations. The size limit is typically 6 to 8 people. The session length is approximately two-and-a-half to three hours. The new topic will be leadership in an economic fallback, such as the one we're currently experiencing. … [Read more...]

Today’s Leadership Now Seminar: Ronald Reagan, Challenger, and Tragedy

Today is a day I've been eagerly awaiting. I have a group of good people gathering to delve into the leadership experience of Ronald Reagan and the Challenger explosion of January 1986. And herein lies the two enormous reasons for my excitement--one, the opportunity to ride the river of a fascinating historical event and, two, the chance to spend time with good people. I'm the proverbial person … [Read more...]

The Five Parts of Reagan and Challenger: Leadership Now Seminar

In a week, I'll be offering my 2nd iteration of a Leadership Now Workshop. It is on Ronald Reagan, the Challenger Experience, and the Leadership of Tragedy. This morning I decided upon five key parts of the workshop. Here they are: 1. What Tragedy Is To You 2. Reagan and the Tragedy of December 1985 3. Reagan and the Challenger Experience 4. The Rest of His Week 5. Tragedy and … [Read more...]

Leadership Now: The Value and Contribution of You

In my upcoming leadership development session on Ronald Reagan, the Challenger disaster, and leadership in tragedy, you have two very important strengths to add to this experience. Because of these two strengths, this session will be especially useful to you and your fellow participants. First, as I've written elsewhere on this blog, you may have lived through this event. You can participate as a … [Read more...]

The Power of Living Through It

A participant in my upcoming Leadership Now seminar on Ronald Reagan's Challenger speech made an interesting comment to me yesterday. He said that the topic particularly intrigued him because he remembered exactly where he was when the Challenger exploded. The fact that he had lived through the event, remembered it clearly, and could reflect back on that moment had a special power in persuading … [Read more...]

Leadership Now: Ronald Reagan, The Challenger, and Leadership of Tragedy

On January 31, 2011, I will be holding my second Leadership Now Seminar. The topic will be the Challenger disaster of early 1986 and the way in which President Ronald Reagan dealt with the communication of this news to the American people. The theme of this Leadership Now Seminar will be the role of leadership in understanding tragedy. More information on this session will be forthcoming. It is … [Read more...]