The Hard Truth Of My Own Change–New Sheriff In Town Revised

The Headmaster then…

Yes, this was my version of me as the Headmaster of the newly formed Miller In-Home 5th Grade School. That was April 2020 when Covid-19 was new and unknown and we all bonded together in the yes-we-can spirit! Now as then, apologies to Kurt Russell.

Fast forward to the Revised version and the updated Hard Truth. It’s August 2020 and Miller In-Home 6th Grade School is up and open on its first day of business, Covid-19 is long in the tooth, and the Headmaster barely has any teeth left. Keeping true to form, my apologies to Bill the Cat.

…the Headmaster now


  1. Mike Harlowe says

    Good stuff.

  2. Ernie Frazo says

    Did you ever think you would be running your own private school? How prepared do you think you are? Stock up on the energy bars and drinks…for YOU! Best wishes for a great school year….

  3. Wendy Loker says

    My guess is, that Ava will be rolling her eyes, saying, “Geez Dad, this is how you do 6th grade math!!”

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